diwali box of happiness, assorted bakes

Box of happiness

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Shippable (Pune only)
Shippable (Pune only)

Gifting is a thing of beauty - there is as much joy in giving as in receiving. So, we spent a few happy days coming up with a unique box which is inspired by something familiar but is still very much in our wheelhouse.

Somewhat appropriately, we call it the Box of Happiness.

This box has..

- Toasted coconut & caramel mini pies (loosely inspired by a Karanji), 2 pieces
- Besan & almond shortbread (which is bound to remind you of a Besan ladoo), 5 pieces
- Coconut macaroons with Belgian chocolate shell, 5 pieces
- Black til shortbread, 5 pieces
- Cinnamon dusted pastry bites (our version of good old shakarparra or shankarpali), 100 gms

Perfect for gifting to friends, family or simply to one self, this is now available through the website for a couple of weeks.