Cinnamon & Savoury Babka Rolls
Cinnamon & Savoury Babka Rolls

Cinnamon & Savoury Babka Rolls

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This savoury Babka uses our Brioche dough and has slow caramelized onions, cheddar cheese & olives swirled through it. Perfect for breakfast, brunch & anytime coffee breaks!

We are dedicated cinnamon enthusiasts and have a few bakes on the menu with cinnamon already. But these Cinnamon rolls with clean flavors of cinnamon, butter & sugar, in that order, encased in a tender dough, blew our minds (to be fair we had them fresh off the oven) and begged to be shared, especially as the festive season comes along.
Best enjoyed slightly warmed up & when eaten alongside a strong cup of coffee makes for a warm hug of a breakfast on a cold morning.
This box contains 2 rolls each of the Cinnamon and Savoury flavours.