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Belgian Hot Chocolate Mix

Belgian Hot Chocolate Mix

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We have been working on this for a while now, happily consuming many cups of hot chocolate in the process. We wanted the right amount of sweetness, body & intensity while giving folks an option to play around with it. So finally here it is - our very own Hot Chocolate mix. This is made with actual Belgian dark chocolate & a small amount of cocoa powder for a slight & very desirable bitter edge. A bit of brown sugar and salt helps strike the right balance. This can be made mild or intense by adjusting the amount of mix one uses. 

We also have a dairy free/vegan version.

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How to make a cup of Hot Chocolate.

You will need:
Kitchen scale (ideally), sauce pan, whisk or fork.

Recipe notes:
Measure out 100 gms of milk in a sauce pan (or 100 ml milk in a measuring cup). As soon as the milk warms up, add 15 gms of the hot chocolate mix (or 1 leveled tablespoon). Whisk while it comes to a boil. You will see that the small granules of the mix will melt into the milk and the mixture will thicken slightly. Pour into a mug & enjoy!

Alternatively, you can use a heat proof mug and microwave. Warm up the milk, add the hot chocolate mix, mix with a whisk or fork and keep heating up in 20-30 second bursts till it the powder dissolves and the milk thickens.

Additional notes:
If you want it sweeter and / or more intense, add 20 gms of hot choc mix instead of 15.
Add a pinch of extra salt if you are one of those people who loves extra salt on chocolate.
Try a mix of milk and water if you want it lighter.
Try using black coffee instead of milk or water for a mug of hot chocolate mocha - we loved this version.
All in all, play around with the proportions and you will find the right balance that works for YOU!