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smita sharan - khamir bhatia

Smita Sharan
Baker. Self Taught. Always learning.

I love simple tea-cakes, pastries and desserts that are mature in flavor and not too sweet. A chocolate cake must taste of high-quality chocolate, without being masked with excessive sugar. Sounds simple enough but it's not the easiest to find. So in 2010, when I took a sabbatical from work, I decided to try my hand at baking exactly that & discovered soon enough that I love to bake.

My family and friends have been subjected to many of my experiments in the kitchen, and always encouraged me to turn this passion into something more than just a hobby.

So in 2015, my life partner & I decided to start a small home bakery called Flour Butter Sugar which eventually grew into what's today The Good Butter Bakery.

Right from the beginning our endeavour has been to create offerings that cut across the spectrum, be it a Sourdough bread to start the day or something more indulgent to end a meal. Our menu is typical of what you'd find at a local neighborhood bakery, the kind that draws you in with it's fresh-baked aroma each morning. There's something in there for every occasion, and often, for no reason at all! Most importantly though, everything is made with care and with the highest quality ingredients. Our breads are slow fermented, pastries are hand-rolled & the biscottis hand-cut; every element made from scratch, and most of it made to order.

So here’s to many sweet beginnings and happier endings. We look forward to sharing our baked goods with you, and hope that you get as much joy eating them as we get in preparing them.

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Khamir Bhatia
Everything but Baker. Still learning.

I've always loved eating but having grown up in Bombay, in the household that I did, made my tastes in food somewhat ethnic. So, when Smita started subjecting me (and our circle of friends & family) to her baking experiments, coupled with our travels across different parts of the world, my palate finally opened up. We both enjoyed food and even planned our day around it. That’s when it dawned on us that baking need not be just a hobby of hers.

I’ve enjoyed riding rollercoasters - the startup variety though - and Smita’s passion for baking, combined with my desire to build things from the ground up, gave rise to Flour Butter Sugar.

Knowing that I’ll never need to worry about the ‘Chief Product Officer’ showing up to work and having had more than my fair share of cajoling Chief Technology Officer’s from my past (mis)adventures, I went wholeheartedly from pitching ‘moonshots' to VC’s and Angels to sourcing the best ingredients for making the tastiest Biscotti. From shipping code to shipping Nut Butters. From negotiating stock options to negotiating the price of Kashmiri walnuts. It’s been quite a ride so far and we’re now starting the next chapter in this journey that we're calling The Good Butter Bakery. We hope you'll join us.

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