Delivery estimate 2-4 production days / Closed on Sunday and Monday



Happily, for us, there are some bakes of ours which have become part of your daily routine. Be it cereal for breakfast, sourdough for lunch, tea cakes in the evening or a cookie jar that never empties out.

So, instead of placing an order each time, you can set up a subscription instead. Like a baguette and a jar of pesto on Wednesdays, a multigrain loaf on Fridays and a pancake mix and a compote on Sundays. Set the schedule upfront and we’ll get your bakes across. Pause it if you're traveling or modify if you want to change along the way. It’s completely customizable.

Our deliveries happen from Wednesday through Sunday each week in the first half of the day and it’s usually a 6-week schedule. Just email or whatsapp us and we’ll set it up for you.

And one last thing. Subscribers get free delivery.