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Mango & Cream Cake

Mango & Cream Cake

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Shippable (Pune only)
Shippable (Pune only)

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This cake screams summer freshness. We have left the mango pretty much untouched in its magic, only taking care to choose the best fruits nature has to offer. We use organic and slow ripened mangoes here, turning some of the flesh into a cold jelly which hides under the fresh cut fruit. The cake is simplicity itself, a brown butter & vanilla sponge which acts as a perfect carrier to the beautiful fruit.

For this cake to sing, we decided to make a yogurt based frosting that's creamy, slightly tangy, luscious and optimally sweet. The combination of the cake, cream and fruit just works. Right in the end, we add a few sprigs of mint from the garden to complete the picture.

Now available through the website, till the good mangoes last.

P.S: To maintain balance between fruit, cream and cake we have made this cake into a single layer dessert. A 6-inch cake is good for 6 people, while 8-12 can be fed with the 9-incher.