100% Wholewheat Sourdough

Our Sourdough Sandwich loaves are meant for folks who want the goodness of sourdough yet prefer a less crusty and more sandwich friendly bread. We have gone a step further with a variety of 100% wholewheat sourdough sandwich loaves, all neatly included in an easy to navigate category. You can get loaves with various porridges for added fibre and nutrition as well as mix-ins such as cheese and potato. All without any refined flour.

Please note:
Our Sourdough breads are made with house-made wild culture & high quality wheat flours that we source directly, either through a local miller or dependable sources such as TWF & Three One Farms. Our flours do not come with pre-added preservatives or antifungal chemicals or any other kind of additives that most bread flours in the market carry. This also means that our breads will not last on the shelf as long as some of the commercially produced breads do.