Shruti's specials

Shruti & Eevee

Have you met people who just exude joy? Who, by their mere presence, make you feel better about yourself? Shruti, our dear friend, was one of those people. Although she had more than her fair share of difficulties in life, she exuded positivity and was one of the most generous souls we knew. She had an incredible impact on people she crossed paths with, making sure everyone in her ecosystem had her attention, energy & support. She saw good in everyone and every situation while her laughter filled every room she walked into.

But nothing gave her more joy than dogs. She fed them on the streets, gave them whacky names & showered them with love. We lost her recently so in her memory we will be running a very special campaign from 22nd September, Thursday leading up to her 50th birthday on 24th September, Saturday. During this period any bakes you purchase from our website, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to animal rescue groups (more details on this later).

With this we are combining our love for Shruti & her inspiring legacy, love for friends who are nothing less than family we choose and our love of dogs.

This means a lot to us so we encourage you to join us in this endeavour wholeheartedly, especially if this connects with you on any level.

Shruti's Specials