Almond, Olive Oil & Orange Pound Cake

Almond, Olive Oil & Orange Pound Cake

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Orange & olive oil is one of our favourite combinations (it's classic for a reason) and we have had a muffin with that flavor on our menu for a few years now. But recently we tweaked & elevated the cake with a third flavor that goes beautifully with the other two - Almonds.

So here the cake is made partly with almond flour. Instead of regular olive oil we have used extra virgin here for added flavor and fruitiness. The batter is perfumed with our house made orange paste which lifts the cake up another notch. The texture is dense like a pound cake but beautifully tender and moist. This is a true breakfast cake with a nice caramelised crust & added bonus of toasty almond flakes on top.

Brilliant with a cup of coffee. Don't take our word for it, try it for yourself!

#butterfree #dairyfree