Classic Baguette
Classic Baguette

Classic Baguette

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These baguettes are made with a combination of our homegrown sourdough starter & a small amount of yeast, going through a 20 hour fermentation process. We found this to give us a beautifully light loaf with a flavourful & open crumb and a thin & crunchy crust. Shaping them a bit 'stouter' than a typical baguette also gives them better shelf life.

They make excellent sandwiches, crostini and toast with butter & jam. They also pair beautifully with any mezze spread or cheese boards.

P.S: The crust softens 4-5 hours after coming off the oven and greatly benefits from being 'refreshed' in the oven again (unsliced), if you happen to have access. If not, toasting the slices works great as well.

Size: 225-250 gms each. 12 inches long and about 3 inches wide. As each piece is hand shaped, variations will happen.

Know the production and delivery schedule.

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