Coffee & Cream Cake
Coffee & Cream Cake

Coffee & Cream Cake

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Shippable (Pune only)
Shippable (pune only)

This has been in the making for a long time, simply because we kept finding new ways of adding more coffee to this cake. We'll stop for now (I think).

In it's current form, this cake includes 3 layers of a beautiful butter sponge cake which gets soaked with some (okay, a whole lot) of moka pot coffee. Sandwiched between the layers of the cake are two more components. Coffee custard (made using crushed coffee beans) and straight up coffee jelly (moka pot coffee, again) which not only adds more caffeine but also a lightness that's unbeatable. All of this gets covered in a creamy and decadent Mascarpone buttercream which brings everything together.

This cake is serious business and only meant for people who like coffee. A lot of coffee. Basically I made a cake for my pleasure. That's how I do my best work.

P.S: If you still want more coffee, you can always have a slice with a cup of coffee!.