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Hokkaido Style Milk Loaf
Hokkaido Style Milk Loaf

Hokkaido Style Milk Loaf

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Japanese style milk breads have been on our minds for a while now but this happy experimentation was a result of a conversation with the folks at Ginkgo (an excellent spot for some Japanese fare right here in Pune).

We started off with a base recipe, building it to our liking and what we have come up with is our version of the Hokkaido Milk Loaf. This is made with locally milled flour, a tiny bit of atta, Woohoo milk, best possible quality butter and of course the technique of adding water roux or tangzhong to the dough which gives this loaf it's characteristic pillowy, longer lasting softness, beautiful milky aroma AND great structure. Because of said structure, this lends itself to being a perfect vehicle for all kinds of fillings, especially an egg salad, but will do very well with cutlets/burgers, vegetables, ham & cheese or just butter and jam.