Spiced Hot Chocolate with Vanilla & Honey Marshmallows
Spiced Hot Chocolate with Vanilla & Honey Marshmallows

Spiced Hot Chocolate with Vanilla & Honey Marshmallows

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We have been thinking of a Spiced Hot Chocolate mix for a while now and couldn't be happier to feel the temperatures drop appropriately for this. We added all the right warming spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger to our original Hot Chocolate mix and believe you me, this literally hits all the right notes on a cool winter morning. 

Going a step further, we decided to crown it with house made marshmallows. Now we are not a fan of marshmallows in general but we added vanilla, salt and honey to the sugar mix and most importantly, figured the spices will help balance the plump sugary goodness and it truly does. You need one piece, well toasted atop a hot steaming mug. It's heaven. 

Get your hands on this while we can still call this winter!

#eggless #glutenfree #nutfree

How to make a cup of Hot Chocolate.

You will need:

Kitchen scale (ideally), sauce pan, whisk or fork.

Recipe notes:
Measure out 100 gms of milk in a sauce pan (or 100 ml milk in a measuring cup). As soon as the milk warms up, add 15 gms of the hot chocolate mix (or 1 leveled tablespoon). Whisk while it comes to a boil. You will see that the small granules of the mix will melt into the milk and the mixture will thicken slightly. Pour into a mug & enjoy!

Alternatively, you can use a heat proof mug and microwave. Warm up the milk, add the hot chocolate mix, mix with a whisk or fork and keep heating up in 20-30 second bursts till it the powder dissolves and the milk thickens.

Additional notes:
If you want it sweeter and / or more intense, add 20 gms of hot choc mix instead of 15.
Add a pinch of extra salt if you are one of those people who loves extra salt on chocolate.
Try a mix of milk and water if you want it lighter.
Try using black coffee instead of milk or water for a mug of hot chocolate mocha - we loved this version.
All in all, play around with the proportions and you will find the right balance that works for YOU!