Cheese, Potato & Onion Focaccia
Cheese, Potato & Onion Focaccia
Cheese, Potato & Onion Focaccia

Cheese, Potato & Onion Focaccia

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This new variant of focaccia has a blanket of cheese sauce baked on top along with slices of confit potatoes and rings of onion. This combination of cheese, potato and onion is considered a classic for a reason and here it works perfectly with the slightly tangy sourdough bread.

It's lovely just by itself, sliced thick and warmed up on a pan or even the microwave. But it makes THE most perfect brekkie if you add a runny egg alongside (especially if the egg is fried in our confit mushroom)! We have also used it as a sidekick to soups & stews on numerous occasions.

P.S: Our focaccia is made with 100% sourdough & cold proofed for a day to develop flavor & chew. Thanks to the overnight fermentation + levain, the focaccia comes with a beautiful tang, has heft but the crumb is still light enough. 

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About Sourdough: Centuries old tradition of baking bread, this one uses no commercial yeast. Instead it relies on a 'wild yeast' starter & slow rise / fermentation, which breaks down the gluten into amino acids. This translates into easier digestion even for those who are sensitive to gluten. The slow process (15 hours) not only produces more flavour (and a slight tang), it also translates into a bread that is full of naturally occurring nutrients. 

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