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Fruit & Nut Sourdough Loaf

Fruit & Nut Sourdough Loaf

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This sweet & nutty loaf offsets the tang of sourdough perfectly. We have loaded this bread with cranberries, black raisin, toasted almonds & hazelnuts. There is a touch of cinnamon, just as a background aroma which accentuates the sweetness without the need for any added sugars. It's a versatile loaf and even fits in perfectly with folks who want to eat something sweet for breakfast but are avoiding sugar for any reason.

Made with 30% wholewheat, this light yet hefty loaf of bread can be used for french toast or simply toasted with a pat of butter. But a slice of mature Cheddar or Provolone on a toasted slice would be THE best combination in our humble opinion. As an extension, this bread will also do very well on a cheese board. 

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About Sourdough: Centuries old tradition of baking bread, this one uses no commercial yeast. Instead it relies on a 'wild yeast' starter & slow rise / fermentation, which breaks down the gluten into amino acids. This translates into easier digestion even for those who are sensitive to gluten. The slow process (15 hours) not only produces more flavour (and a slight tang), it also translates into a bread that is full of naturally occurring nutrients. 

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